Jetpack Compose – Future of Android UI

Hi friends,

As you all must be aware, DevFest India 2021 was a three day event from Oct 22nd to Oct 24th 2021.

I spoke on Day 2 on Jetpack Compose – Future of Android UI (Mobile track).

Here is a quick glance at what is covered in the session:

  1. What is Jetpack Compose?
  2. Why use Jetpack Compose?
  3. How to build UI Components? – Demo
  4. How to Apply Material Theme to UI? – Demo
  5. How to build lists?

Here are the Slides of my presentation:

Session recording (15 mins – quick introductory session to Jetpack compose) is available on Youtube at the link below:

Hope this helps you in getting a quick introduction to a whole new Modern framework for Android UI!

Happy building UI with Compose 🙂

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