Developing & Publishing a Modern Android App

Hi friends,

I recently (on Tuesday, Dec 28, 2021) spoke at GDSC – Nirma University Ahmedabad on Developing & Publishing a Modern Android App.

Here are the Slides of my presentation.

Here is the Event Link.

Youtube Video covering the session.

Here is a quick glance at what is covered in the session:

Modern Android Development (MAD) skills are categorized around four pillars by the Android team at Google.


In this session, you’ll get a brief introduction about Google’s recommendation for each of the following:

Architecture: MVVM
Language: Kotlin
Tools: Android Studio
UI: Jetpack Compose / Material Design
APIs: Retrofit, Coroutines, WorkManager, Navigation Architecture component
Persistence Storage: Room library
Distribution: Via Google Play Store using Android App Bundle

Hope by the end of session, you’ll be excited to start developing an Android App Modern Way!

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